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Best Nile Cruise programs in Egypt, Egypt us tours provides best prices of Nile cruise Packages, If you want to visit Egypt, cruising the river Nile, enjoy one of the most luxury Nile cruises in 2021 & 2022, check now the Nile cruise packages and book now online. also check our Egypt classsical tours one of Egypt Travel Packages for more tours added to Nile cruise, You Can book Luxor Day Tours, Aswan Day Tours to discover more ancient Egyptian sites


Egypt Nile Cruise program Aswan - Luxor Cruises

The best Nile Cruise programs in Egypt, Aswan-Luxor Nile cruises, experience the best holidays in Egypt on the River Nile, Egypt holidays Nile Cruise, Explore the Ancient Egypt the land of Pharaohs 4

Luxor Aswan Cruises

Luxor-Aswan cruises, one of Egypt Nile Cruises, enjoy luxury Nile Cruises Packages Luxor-Aswan, transformation from airport included, choose your favourite cruise and book now online.

Lake Nasser Cruises

Lake Nasser Cruises, one of Egypt Nile Cruises with two different itineraries Choose your favourite cruise and book now online

Dahabiya Cruises

luxury Dahabiya Cruises one of Egypt Nile Cruises, with best itinerary from Luxor to Aswan, enjoy sightseeing Nile Cruise tours and excursions with best prices and special service

Long Cruise 15 Days

Nile Cruise Package, one of Egypt Nile Cruises to cruise the Nile River and enjoy whole Egyptian civilization from Aswan to Cairo with 15 days 14 nights Luxury Nile Cruise


Feluccas are the traditional sailboats of Egypt Nile. Egyptians and foreigners like to enjoy a relaxing felucca ride, as they are perfect for catching the breeze on a hot summer night, for brisker sai